Pohádkář – Storyteller

Sometimes you just can not help yourself. You keep walking and then you get to the edge. You lean over it and know that just a millimeter more and you fall. Fall off into the abyss . But the moment is worth it. The moment between take-off and fall. Storyteller is a love story of a man balancing on the edge of love, passion and lies.

The Storyline

While searching for the identity of an unknown dead man Captain Rott finds himself in the middle of another story. Step by step, in front of his eyes a love story of the main character, who has built two parallel lives with two beautiful women (supermodel Eva Herzigova and Czech superstar Anna Geislerová) starts playing. Rott begins to discover a man who wants too many women. And too many women want him. For the storyteller women mean challenge, passion and inspiration and stand for the object of love and lies. Lies, which are constructed with so commonplace that he actually does not even realize. He lives in a world of his great vivid dream, in which he is who he just wants to be and where only apply “here and now”, in which he forgets what happened yesterday and does not wait for what tomorrow will bring. Lives in a dream that is so uplifting for him and so devastating for people who would like to love. In a dream, to which is easy to succumb owing to Storyteller´s charm.

Storyteller narrates a unique, but for many of us experienced story. A story about passion, desire, deception and eternal forgiveness. A story of people lost in the maze of love, from which they can not and may not even want to find a way out. Because love and a lie are both blind. Captain Rott beggins to understand that the Storyteller simply could not live in a different way than he lived, but also understands the reason for his enduring love of both partners. And thanks to that might be able to find the key to solve his own life that is on the point of collapse. Storyteller is a love story in which passion is so burning and desire so strong that a name doesn´t matter!



* Director: Vladimír Michálek
* Script: Marek Epstein
* Motive: Barbara Nesvadbová
* DOP: Martin Štrba
* Production Designer: Milan Býček
* Costume Designer: Tatiana Kováříková
* Composer: Roman Holý
* Sound: Radim Hladík jr.
* Editor: Olina Kaufmanová
* Makeup Artist: Zdeněk Fencl


* Aňa Geislerová – Dana
* Eva Herzigová – Karla
* Jiří Macháček – Mára
* Matěj Hádek – David Rott
* Anna Linhartová – Lenka
* Mariana Kroftová – Zuzana

Producer a coproducer:

* Producer: Marlene Film
* Coproducer: Petr Žaluda, RWE, SproAlfa
* Executive producer: Aleš Týbl