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The company Marlene Film Production Ltd was founded in 2014. It‘s first project was the movie Pohádkář, directed by Vladimír Michálek and produced by the company‘s producers and managing directors Šárka Cimbalová and Svatka Peschková. The script was written by Marek Epstein and the movie was released to the Czech theaters in November 2014 with an attendance of 203.000 visitors.

In 2015/2016 the producers executed the preparation and shooting of the family fairytale Anděl Páně 2, directed by Jiří Strach. The film’s premiere took place on December 1st 2016. The Angel of the Lord 2 became the most successful film of the year 2016, with an admission of 903 000 in one month, the highest-grossing Czech film in history and 2nd on the list of Top Films made between 1991 and 2017. As of July 2017, the admission on the movie reached 1.240 000 visitors

Since 2015, the producers have been working with a director Agnieszka Holland on their next project – The Charlatan, based on a script written by Marek Epstein. The Charlatan is among the 20 films chosen from 323 other international movie projects to appear at the Co-Production Market 2017 in Berlin.
The Charlatan is right now in the stage of development and, depending on the funding, shooting is planned for the Summer of 2018.

Šárka Cimbalová – in the film industry since 1993, has worked in movie production companies Etic film and Etamp film, specialized in shooting foreign film projects, most remarkable of which are for example: Harts war; The Brothers Grimm; Oliver Twist; Harrison Flowers; Snow White; Affair of the Necklace; Hannibal.

Svatka Peschková – the marketing director of film distribution company Falcon a.s. for 25 years / the representative of Walt Disney Int. and Sony Int. / distribution and marketing of many Czech movies/ the co-producer of movies by Marie Poledňáková Líbáš jako Bůh (2009) and Líbáš jako ďábel (2012).


Šárka Cimbalová / producer
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Svatka Peschková / producer
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